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Quality of Service is a primary concern to us, and it is a determining factor in the decision making process of our clients. There are many janitorial service providers that a company can employ to handle the cleanliness of their buildings, and in this economical climate, it’s tempting to hire the “bargain brand.”  However, YOUR clients, customers, students, and co-workers will expect more.  The value that ATB Services Inc. brings to the job will make you sure that you made the right decision. 

First, our service technicians are paid and treated well, so that they do the kind of work that guarantees that they will always have a place in our organization. Many services, especially the “national brand,” tend to hire whomever they can, to fill the position.  Our people are dedicated, long term employees that you will recognize when you see them in your building. 

Second, we employ a system of inspection that assures that your staff will never have to worry that the job is done right.  Most companies cut this part of the service right out of the budget in order to bid low and get the job.  They work on the premise that if you win enough bids, you will sooner or later stumble across enough clients that will settle for just “a good price” but a mediocre job at best…

We are a locally owned company, so the quality inspection will be carried out by a person that has a vested interest in the quality of work that is done, and lives in the community. Being local also means that when our clients have an issue, concern, or a change of service needs to be made, contact can easily be made and promptly with someone who can make immediate decisions. 

Also, when there is an emergency, or a product or piece of equipment is needed, being a local company can be an advantage in that we know where to find things that can be delivered to your door the same day, or we can be there to help when you need us.  Many times a national service is quite the opposite, and ATB Services Inc. is often called when frustration sets in.

Our service contracts are written for only a one year term. If the quality of our work can’t keep the business relationship strong, the wording of a contract won’t.  Obviously the security of a contract is necessary in a business environment.  However, many companies rely on the technicalities of a contract to secure a clients business. 

What is included in our contracts is reliable, high quality Janitorial service. However, we also offer services such as carpet care, and floor service.  Usually these additional features will be handled separately on an as needed basis.

We are flexible, unique, believe in offering quality service and are fully insured. Talk to some of our current clients. They appreciate a close business relationship with their janitorial service. It brings great benefit to their business.  So give us a call, we know your experience with ATB Services Inc. will be a good one.

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